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The olives used in the production of the BeO EVO oil ripen in the Valley of Alcantara, the homonymous river that marks the border between the provinces of Messina and Catania. The peculiar micro-climate of this territory gives the BeO oil a rich, intense and delicate flavor.

In this area the olive trees are age-old, high and with a large canopy, and they are intercropped with citrus trees.

The climate, the age of the plants and the presence of citrus groves give the BeO olives a very high performance and a great sapidity.

Harvesting is done by hand between October and November, in order to protect the olives against pest attacks that may have negative effects on the oil quality.


The freshly-picked olives are placed in windowed and well-aired plastic crates – so as to prevent any alteration of the original quality – and milled within 48 hours of harvesting.

The BeO EVO oil is fluid and slightly sticky. It is characterized by a golden-green colour, a medium fruity smell and a flavor with hints of artichoke, apple and almond.