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The Valley of Alcantara is a land of unparalleled beauty which springs from a unique combination of all four nature elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

The beautiful landscapes, the river with its gorges, Mount Etna in all its majesty, the magnificent terraces of Taormina and Castelmola, make the valley a precious corner of paradise which attracts and enchants tourists from all over the world.

The Alcantara Gorges have been formed by the river water flowing on big streaks of cooled lava, originating from the volcanic activity of the region. The walls of the Gorges are made of basaltic rocks that reach a height of several dozens of metres. A real natural canyon unique in shape and originality.

The Valley, whose ground is mainly composed by volcanic rocks, is characterized by the typical Mediterranean vegetation, with a rare combination of citrus trees and vineyards alternating each other with walnut, oak and chestnut woods.

In spring the Valley is tinged with a real color explosion: blooms of prickly pear, purple, poppy, anemone, myrtle, wild rose, oleander, terebinth and varieties of orchids.

The climate too, characterized by hot summers and mild winters, gives the valley a pleasant and almost magic atmosphere.

The fruits of this wonderful land bring the Tholos products to life.

Love alone is the press of all the olives you will harvest there. The quintessential solar love that we call oil.

Tholos was born out of the desire and the ambition to create top-quality natural products by using the raw materials offered by the territory of the Alcantara valley. A choice aimed at valorising a priceless heritage of beauty, goodness and purity.