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The olives destined for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil BeO ripen in the territories of the Alcantara Valley, the river of the same name that marks the border between the provinces of Messina and Catania. Here, the particular microclimate of the area gives BeO oil a rich, intense and delicate flavour.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil BeO

is the first product in the Tholos Alcantara line, a blend with an intense flavour, enclosed in a bottle with a minimal and sophisticated design. The olive trees in this area of Sicily are often centuries old, tall and characterised by a wide foliage. The Alcantara Valley is also rich in citrus trees, which share with the olive trees a unique territory, on the slopes of the volcano Etna.


We harvest our olives by hand, in a period from October to November. Our aim is to preserve all the properties of the fruit, and to avoid parasite attacks that could adversely affect the quality of the oil. The varieties from which our oil is made are Nocellara dell’Etna, Nocellara Messinese and Brandofino, a rare indigenous Sicilian cultivar, widespread on the slopes of Mount Etna in the Alcantara River Valley.

As soon as they are harvested, we store the BeO olives in windowed plastic crates, well ventilated so as not to alter the original quality.

The milling

Our aim is to preserve the polyphenolic content and organoleptic characteristics of this precious oil as much as possible. The milling is therefore done using modern, continuous cycle methods in the absence of oxygen. Extraction is cold with reduced kneading times. For storage we use stainless steel silos in the absence of oxygen, at a controlled and constant temperature.


The sensory profile

The result is a rich, refined extra virgin olive oil, golden in colour with green highlights, quite dense. Very low acidity (0.2), a medium, green fruitiness with vegetable notes is perceived on the nose. Hints of tomato and almond, artichoke and apple stand out.

The notes of bitterness and spiciness are balanced and controlled, so the Extra Virgin Olive Oil BeO is perfect with fairly structured dishes, but also versatile and can be combined with more delicate dishes such as salads, soups, pulses and raw fish, to which it succeeds in giving a special touch, a true luxury for the palate.